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May 29, 2017

Let’s Get Physical

Having fun, moving and playing are natural elements of any great childhood, something every parent aspires for their children. Sometimes we get so busy in the ordinary flux of life that we simply don’t get around to getting out the bikes, walking in the park or checking out the local pool.

Being together as a family is fun with all the health benefits of synaptic brain connections, joy and love, as well as many opportunities for learning to co-operate and behave socially! It is the very fibre of what makes life good.

With spring bursting into life, let’s get physical and challenge ourselves to find new adventures!

Firm favourites in the teaching team are the Port Hills and Godley Head. There are lots of places to walk & climb that will challenge the whole family.

There is strong research that supports the connection between Outdoor Play & Brain Development

Did you know exercise makes us all happy? Exercise good for mental health.

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