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  • Holly has treasured her time here and flourished in such a wonderful warm, welcoming environment surrounded by such great people.  We truly appreciate all you do and we couldn't have chosen a better place to start learning than at Casa.  Thank you. All the small things have made a huge difference.  We struck gold finding you.  We hope you have fun teaching many many more happy little casa children.  Best wishes to you all!
  • I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all your lovely photos of what you get up to each day.  I am the nana of... and I live in Thames, so very sadly I don’t get to see nearly enough of my lovely grandies. It is a joy every day  to check out your Facebook page and see what fantastic activities everyone is up to. You do such fantastic things with the children – what a lovely learning environment you have for them and they all look so interested and involved in what they do.  It makes me sad to think I don’t get to be involved with them week by week but by seeing your posts I feel I know a part of what has happened to them during the day,  and when we talk on the phone or skype I have something to interact with them about.  
  • "Thank you so much for every bent knee you spoke to her on, every letter and number you helped her form.  I find you all so amazing and inspirational!"
  • "Everyday has been unique and beautiful, but somehow also calm and FUN at the same time!"
  • We cannot thank you enough!  Ethan, in just the short time he has had with you, has blossomed into a very confident, happy, fun-loving boy.   He is very different from when he first started.  He loves casa and we know he will miss you all!
  • Words cannot express what an amazing head start Finn has had by starting his education at Casa and how thankful we are to all of you for the love, patience, kindness and enthusiasm you show him and all the children.  He is really going to miss his "second home."
  • We will miss you more than you can know.  You have been a constant stabiliser both for our boys and our entire family through the "rocky" years.  The boys have been so happy and learnt so much.  We will always remember the fun throughout the boys formative learning years.  We love you all!!
  • To one of the most amazing team of women we have ever had the privilege to have met. We truly believe that one the greatest gifts you can give to your children, is for them to spend those precious first years of their education at the very special place that is behind the gates at 333 River Road – Casa dei Bambini. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done to help us prepare our boys for life’s journey ahead of them. We will miss you very much.
  • “We are delighted with Casa. She adores the teachers and talks about how kind they are. We love the range of activities, the layout of the space, that is so considered. We bought in her grandparents last week and her grandfather remarked, “if every child started in a place like this, imagine what the world would be like.” We are lucky to have found you.”
  • “Right from day one, Ollie has been so warmly and gently welcomed and nurtured. You have all encouraged him and motivated him to develop his skills in so many areas and its been lovely to see him blossom in confidence. Casa dei Bambini has been the perfect place to start his journey of learning and discovery.” .
  • “As parents, one of the very best decisions we have made for Reuben was enrolling him at Casa and becoming part of an amazing community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work providing him with such a wonderful and nurturing environment to develop his skills and learning. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing all the exciting things he has achieved. “
  • “We are so thankful that we were introduced to the diamond that is Casa dei Bambini.”
  • “You have provided a cherished second home for Lucy. She couldn’t have had a better preschool. The care and support you have extended to our family has been phenomenal. “
  • “We could not have asked for anything more than what you have given him – kindness, respect and absolutely the most amazing learning opportunities. His nature has been so well supported and nurtured.”
  • “Thank you for 5 special years of caring for & nurturing Isabella and Romeo. I feel so privileged to have found Casa and to have experienced the wonderful life and community you provide.”
  • “Thank you for being so creative, patient, caring, passionate, inspiring and open. Our son has loved the stories, the one-on-one time, the puzzles, the painting, the singing, the yoga, the climbing, the gardening, the eating and the inspiration.”